16 Amazing Low-Carb Recipes You Need To Make Immediately

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Low-carb recipes can also be fancy (and easy!). Check out this lemon garlic butter shrimp with zoodles from @Keto.Challenge.For.You.

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Honestly, I would eat that every single day, and I’m not even cutting carbs! Zucchini noodles are such a great pasta substitute, and much easier on your waistline. Plus shrimp? Yep. See, I don’t ever eat pasta with shrimp because I feel like the pasta is too heavy for it? This would be the perfect balance. This recipe from calls for a pound of shrimp and about four medium zucchini, and I feel like that’s probably two large portions or four smaller portions. The sauce is butter, stock or white wine, garlic, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes. My mouth is watering.

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