16 Amazing Low-Carb Recipes You Need To Make Immediately

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We love burritos. Luckily, there are low-carb recipes to keep us burrito rich.

Image: Delish

I’ll admit, I miss tortillas something awful when I’m riding that low-carb train. I don’t even eat them very often! But every once in a while, I catch a craving for tacos or a burrito and man, that’s hard to deal with. These zucchini burrito boats from Delish certainly help. It’s all the best parts of a burrito, without the carb guilt afterward. This recipe calls for ground beef, but again, you can totally use whatever protein you happen to like or have on hand. I bet these would be amazing with steak or shrimp! There are black beans and tomatoes and plenty of cheese and spices. Plus you can eat with a knife and fork and avoid that whole “my hands smell like onions” thing for days afterward.

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