16 Amazing Low-Carb Recipes You Need To Make Immediately

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Sometimes you need a little something sweet, I get it. How does a low-carb cupcake sound?

These amazing protein cupcakes have just 1g net carbs per cupcake. So indulge that dessert craving without feeling guilty. For this recipe, @baconistheketomyheart used a premade keto cake mix and added dessert protein for the batter. The rest is pretty basic: eggs, water, butter, baking powder, the usual suspects. You can top these sweet treats with sugar-free buttercream or another low-carb frosting of your choice. You’ll definitely want to put these in your regular rotation of amazing keto-friendly desserts. We know it”s hard to resist ALL treats, especially if you have kids! But you can still be treat-smart, and makes desserts that keep you meeting your goals.

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