Amanda Knox’s Family Went Into Crazy Debt To Save Her

No one could probably put a price tag on getting their child out of prison, especially if your little one was innocent. But Amanda Knox‘s family went above and beyond to get their daughter home, going well into debt to pay her legal fees.

According to CBS, the Knox family has accrued more than $1 million in legal debts in the last two years. To pay for her lawyers, her parents have paid with their retirement fund and taken out second mortgages on their home. Knox’s grandmother personally took out a loan of $250,000 for her a granddaughter, a burden that she “welcomed” according to news reports.

But given the amount of media attention surrounding the freed American (and not murder victim Meredith Kercher I’d like to point out), the Knox family will have no trouble paying off those debts. Amanda began working on a memoir in prison which publishers will be vying for in no time.

Curt Knox pointed out that his daughter would like return to the University of Washington to finish her degree, but given all that the 24-year-old has been through, I’m surprised counseling is not her first priority. Mr. Knox did address concerns for his daughter to seek out therapy following her release saying that the family had no immediate plans to get her to counseling. He called Amanda a “strong girl,” a comment that stands apart from the rash of commentary that paints her as a frightened, bubbly college kid.

At the moment, Amanda intends simply to spend as much time with her family as possible, time that I’m sure was worth every penny to the Knox family.


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