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You Will Never Be Ready For Another Baby

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If you are over here fretting and wringing your hands and balancing your checkbook and making a pros and cons list about whether or not to have another kid, stop it. Stop it right now.

Most parents can agree that there is never a perfect time to have another baby. The stars are never going to align. A message is not going to come down from the heavens and tell you that you are ready to procreate again. It would be nice, but it’s not gonna happen.

My husband and I always knew that we wanted our kids close in age so that they could potentially be close as siblings and so that we could get all of the babyness out of the way. But that’s where things got a little murky. At first, we wanted three kids because we both came from three kid families, but then we cut that list down real quick. Two kids were fine by me, thankyouverymuch.

Once my first son was about nine months old, we figured that it was fine to try again. TMI ALERT—breastfeeding had made my periods irregular, so I presumed I had a few months of cushioning. I told myself that I would probably get pregnant again within six months. That seemed reasonable to me.

Lo and behold, I was drinking my coffee about a month later, and I thought to myself, HOLY SHITBALLS, this coffee is strong. I was jittery. I felt really cracked out on my single cup of coffee. I felt dizzy and lightheaded. I felt—gulp!—pregnant.

Even though we were planning on the possibility of a second baby, I was totally freaked that it happened so quickly. I’ve heard from many women that this type of breastfeeding slip up is common, either accidentally or on purpose. This is apparently a time when a woman is even more fertile. That’s just peachy.

My point is this: Though I was fine with being pregnant again, I still wasn’t prepared for it. I was still scared and shell-shocked for a good two weeks, until I began to believe that it was all really happening again.

Sure, it helps to check your finances and work schedule and house size to see if you’re ready for another baby. But if you don’t have a good reason not to, you’ll also probably never have another good reason to get pregnant. Sometimes it’s best to toss caution to the wind and let nature take its course and any other cliché you can think of until you’re—BAM—pregnant again.

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