25 Things You Should Always Buy At Kohl’s, & 10 Things You Never Should

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Pedicure Accessories

Image: Kohl’s

We’ve already talked about Earth Therapeutics’ set, but there is more. Kohl’s offers smoothing stones, fluffy pedicure sandals, and polish of every color of the rainbow. We specifically like Spa Sciences’ VIVA Micro-Pedicure Tool. It’s an electric buffer that promises softer, smoother feeling feet. The Kohl’s site says that the tool is podiatrist recommended. Reviewers seem to love the VIVA. One says, “I purchased the Viva. My heels get cracked because I love sandals and going barefoot. I have tried other products but they only worked so so…have pedicures that I pay extra to exfoliate the dry skin on my heels that only lasted a short amount of time. I find that the Viva is able to get off all the dry skin and leaves my heels soft and smooth after I apply cream to my feet. My heels have never looked so great.”

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