Alicia Silverstone’s ‘Mama Bird Baby Bird’ Feeding Tactic Makes Internet Collectively Gag

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Say what you want about Alicia Silverstone. The mother and outspoken vegan advocate will always be the quip Cher from Clueless to me. Knee-high socks, fluffy pens, and yellow cardigans are quite a long time ago now that the actress has welcomed her son Bear into the world. But the new mother has some parenting strategies that are grossing out all corners of the interwebs. Apparently Alicia likes to chew her son’s food for him and pass the tidbits directly into his mouth.

No joking. There’s video.

[youtube_iframe id=”01U6VNkGPN8″]

In what can really only accurately be described as “mama bird baby bird” moment, Alicia pre-chews her little boy’s food. And the comments from YouTube are predictably antagonistic, going after the mother’s 39 second clip as “sick” and “gross.”

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia SilverstoneBut this “disgusting slut” has one auntie commenter who shares the benefits to such a process, citing her own niece:

Alicia Silverstone

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