Some Mommyish Readers Practice That Alicia Silverstone Mama Bird Thing ‘As Often As I Can’

alicia silverstonePre-chewing your baby’s food before passing it to your baby via your mouth may seem like the grossest display of motherly love the interwebs have ever seen, but we here at Mommyish know better. Although Alicia Silverstone‘s YouTube moment did elicit a couple of “gross” reactions from our readers, apparently a very small sliver perform this practice as “often as I can.”

That’s right, as often as possible.

A slightly larger percentage “sometimes” chews their baby’s food before a feeding. A reader named Buki commented with an understandable scenario for parents. She wrote:

I’m with Alicia on this one. You do what you have to do. My one year old loves meat but has just 2 teeth so i chew for him and pass it into his mouth. Though I would never consider doing that with someone else’s child…

Needless to say ladies, if you’re a real advocate of this practice, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line and tell me about your mama bird ways.


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