Pro-Lifers Think Your Family Trip To The Alamo Needs More Dismembered Fetus Pictures

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created equal pro life jumbotronContent note: one of the graphic images this group wants to publicly display is shown here below.

The city of San Antonio has given a hearty “no thank you please” to Ohio pro-life group Created Equal‘s offer to enhance everyone’s family vacations to the Alamo with a jumbotron plastered with propaganda images of dead and dismembered fetuses. What, exactly, is the message this group was trying to send here: ‘We love babies, but we want to scare the hell out of your nine-year-old who’s been jonesing to visit the Alamo since he read a book about Davy Crockett’? ‘Gross things should be illegal’? ‘We are Creepy McCreepersons’? Wonderful morals all, to be sure.

Are you eating breakfast right now? You’re going to want to set that aside for a few moments, especially if what you’re eating is scrambled eggs. Actually, if what you’re eating is scrambled eggs, you may want to finish eating and then come back to this article later, because you may never want to eat that again after seeing the scrambled-fetus pictures that Created Equal thought would look good displayed in front of a famous historical site.

abortion jumbotron dismembered fetus pictureAre we going to make laws against things now just because they’re not particularly nice to look at? If so, my C-section probably should have been illegal, because from the few glimpses I caught reflected in the operating theater lights, that whole business was kind of horrifying. Also on the to-ban list: fish served with the eyeballs still intact, chewing with your mouth open, and cleaning under your toenails in a public place. Also, since the differences between an aborted fetus and a miscarried one are essentially nil, are the folks at Created Equal suggesting that miscarriage should be illegal too? Oh wait, I forgot that miscarriage already gets treated like a crime in some parts of the country. Carry on, I suppose.

Created Equal originally intended to flaunt the city’s orders not to set up shop at the Alamo and to accept the promised misdemeanor citation that would accompany their civil disobedience, but when they arrived on scene, San Antonio police chief William McManus told them to move along. The executive director of Created Equal, Mark Harrington, just can’t figure out what the city’s problem is, though:

Harrington warned that the images are graphic, and parents with children should find an alternative route during the event from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“It’s not something we choose to do, and frankly, I would be willing to stop showing the photos if the killings would stop,” he said. […]

Of course. I’m sure all the Alamo visitors from out of state will of course be tuned in to local news and fully cognizant of the fact that when they stroll onto the mission’s grounds their kids are about to be exposed to a bunch of images that wouldn’t look out of place in a Saw movie. Let’s not pretend a pro-life group from Ohio schleps their jumbotron down to Texas just for the weather, either. You don’t get swarms of tourists visiting Ohio (at least not unless a connecting flight to Florida gets canceled in Cincinnati) but you can expect tons of foot traffic when you set up shop outside a major tourist destination!

Also, Mr. Harrington, this is absolutely something you have chosen to do. And may I suggest, maybe if you weren’t so confused as to what the definition of ‘choice’ actually was, you wouldn’t be so opposed to it? P.S. Take your ‘abortion victim’ pictures and shove them up your rectum. Do you know where your rectum is, Mr. Harrington? I’ll give you a hint: it appears to be the thing you’re talking out of.

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