I’m More Mom Judgey Towards Drunk Wal-Mart Shopping Moms Than Nice Pretty Moms Who Leave Babies Locked in Cars

598412_484252091663003_698687225_nFrom The land of “SHIT this new sucks so hard” comes a story about Katie Luong, a mom from Alabama who left her baby daughter in a locked Lexus SUV and forgot about her when she went to work. Stories like these are always awful, but looking at the photographs of Katie and her adorable little girl Gabriella, plus reading Katie’s statement, makes me a whole hell of a lot less judgey towards Katie than I am about some other mom who leave her kid locked in a car to go get her drink on or go shopping. Can I have sympathy for this mom but no sympathy towards the just plain bad moms who leave their kids because they refuse to bring them in the store with them? The end result is the same, it’s so horribly sad when a child dies due to neglect like this, but I still feel horrible for this mom. From The Daily Mail:

A one-year-old girl from Alabama has died after being locked for nearly three hours inside an overheated SUV – and her heartbroken mother blames herself for the tragedy.

Police in the Birmingham suburb of Homewood say 11-month-old Gabriella Gi-Ny Luong was found inside her mother’s white Lexus SUV Wednesday after Katie Luong forgot about her daughter as she rushing.

The infant was rushed to the Children’s of Alabama hospital but could not be resuscitated.

According to officers, the girl’s temperature was about 105 degrees when they arrived, and inside the vehicle it was about 130 degrees.

On Thursday, Gabriella’s mother stated to AL.com that she blames no one but herself for her daughter’s death.

”˜I want to tell everybody that I wish I was in that car seat, not her,’ Katie Luong said. ”˜If I had to die for her to live, I would have done that.’

I’m sure it helps me feel less judgmental towards this mom because she made such a sad statement to the press, when so many other moms never say anything, or we don’t hear what they say, after their poor kid dies after being locked in a car. Regardless of how I personally feel, please for the love of everything it is horrifically hot out and don’t leave anything that breathes in your car ever no matter where you go or what you do, not even a houseplant.

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