White Dads Would Force Abortion On Daughters Knocked Up By Black Dudes, Claims a Badass State Rep

holmesYesterday in Alabama the House passed a bill to ban most abortions in the state and make legal abortions difficult if not impossible. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin would require doctors to check for a fetal heartbeat before performing an abortion. If a fetal heartbeat is detected, the abortion would be illegal and a doctor performing one would be guilty of a felony. The bill now goes to the Alabama Senate. Standing up for some hardcore truth right before he dropped the mic (OK, so he didn’t do that, but he should have) a black representative from Montgomery named Alvin Holmes said the following, as reported by The NY Daily News:

”If you asked the people in here now to raise their hands, of those who are against abortion, 99% of all of the white people in here gonna raise their hand that they are against abortion,” Holmes said Tuesday according to a recording of some of the debate on al.com. ”On the other hand, 99% of the whites that are sitting in here now, if they daughter got pregnant by a black man, they gonna make their daughter have an abortion. They ain’t gonna let her have the baby. You know, the truth sometimes hurts ”¦ They’re not gonna let that happen. You know that and I know that. You will never admit it.”



I love this so much, because I find it very hard to believe in Alabama a lot of people who were present weren’t inwardly nodding at the inflammatory comment. He then went on to ask a white woman present if she would allow her daughter to have a baby if she were impregnated by a black man:

”Yes, I would,” the woman replies.

”Well, I need to commend you then,” Holmes says. ”There’s not one in 100,000 that would do that.”

Earlier in the day, the House passed another bill that would increase the waiting period before abortions from 24 hours to 48 hours.  It’s a real shitty time to be a woman in Alabama right now, but hopefully we’ll get to hear some more comments from Holmes before this is over.

I know a lot of people will say he shouldn’t have dragged race into this, but considering your decrepit and scary Nana McClurkin is fond of saying things like:

“when a physician removes a child from a woman, that’s the largest organ in a body.”

the issue of race and whether or not it affects someone’s thoughts on outlawing abortion is an extremely valid point to be made. Holmes is just the only person brave enough to raise that point.

(Image: Alabama state legislature)

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