Aishwarya Rai Manages To Walk Cannes Red Carpet Without Anyone Baby Weight-Shaming Her

Aishwarya Rai cannes film festivalIt was this time last year that the “world’s most beautiful woman,” as Aishwarya Rai has been dubbed, showed up to the Cannes Film Festival having not appropriately shed her baby weight — according to Official Baby Weight Critics. This time, Aishwarya managed to walk the red carpet without any fat-shamey you owe it to your fans to be skinny nonsense. That was certainly the case last time around.

Daily Mail reports that Aishwarya Rai safely made it down the red carpet without any elephant noises or donuts being hurled at her. Oh, and perhaps that’s because she’s skinnier?

Aishwarya showed off her slender figure in the outfit, which was fitted at the waist before billowing out into a long train.

The stunning star, who was once named the world’s most beautiful woman, finished off her outfit by leaving her hair loose in tumbling curls.

“Slender figure” as deemed by the many cameras and lenses and fans double-checking for double chins or whatever have you? Did anyone properly inspect her arms? Her rounding clavicles? Her pudgy elbows?

Don’t let a formerly baby weight-shamed lady walk the red carpet without every fold of flesh being analyzed now.

(photo: Raffin/

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