Don’t Drug The Babies On Long-Haul Flights – Drug The Other Passengers

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I hate the idea of drugging kids to knock them out so they don’t bother other people. And before anyone accuses me of being too judgy I have travelled with all of my kids on long-haul flights (many 8-hour-trips across the pond) and even though my own kids never had flat out tantrums or huge crying jags on planes, I have been on flights where other children have. It just happens. Babies cry. Kids get bored. Most parents prepare for this by bringing along a beloved toy or something new to distract their kids with or by using a pacifier for younger kids. Or, sometimes they do what these great parents did almost a year ago that was posted on Reddit. 

reddit parents on plane

Do you know why they serve booze on planes? Because flying sucks, especially these days with overcrowded planes and uncomfortable seats and having to pay extra for meals and snacks, and because on occasion you will be on a flight with an unhappy child. I suggest people just drug themselves with vodka and parents don’t drug their kids in order to make everyone else more comfortable. I see nothing wrong with parents using an over-the-counter antihistamine that has been suggested by their pediatrician on occasion, as a last resort, but I think the problem is with other people, not the kids, and that people just need to chill out and realize that no baby has ever cried forever.

If you are close to a parent with an unhappy baby or child offer to help.Give them a sympathetic look. Flag down a stewardess and buy yourself a vodka tonic. Buy one for the frazzled parent too. Put on your earphones or read a magazine and remember that you were a baby once too. Parents pay good money for plane tickets for their kids, and I would rather be on a flight with a crying child than some creepy person who wants to talk to me during the trip.


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