Airline Refuses To Seat Peanut Allergic Kid

I have a kid with a severe nut allergy. We carry EpiPens with us wherever we go. It’s a pain but much better now that she can help us help her avoid nuts. We take major precautions in our home to keep nuts out of reach of the kids, but we view it as our issue to deal with.

Thank God I’m not flying Air Canada, then. The airline just refused to seat a passenger because he has a peanut allergy.

That’s right, they refused to let a kid on the plane because he has a peanut allergy. And his mom, Nova Scotian April Burns, is not pleased.

She purchased the tickets weeks ago through a rewards program and mentioned the allergy. Apparently the airline likes to create a massive allergen-free buffer zone for their passengers with allergies. Or has been forced to through the Canadian Transportation Agency — I’m not quite sure. Well, the family arrived at the airport and were told that the airline hadn’t made the arrangements and would not be seating Matthew, the son.

So he took his five EpiPens and bought a ticket on American Airlines to Fiji, where he’s volunteering for a couple weeks. On that note, we should all volunteer in Fiji.

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