12 Situations That Prove Toddlers Have No Conscience

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Anyone who has a toddler is fully aware that they have no conscience. It’s not that they’re psychopaths per se, it’s just that they have something resembling a reptilian brain between their ears for a few years.

I wish I could remember being a toddler because it seems to be the only time in your life you can really express your evil self – unafraid of consequences. If your child does any of the following things, don’t be alarmed. Toddlers are the worst.

Here are a few situations that prove the little jerks really have no conscience.

1. I’m just gonna drown the cat real quick.

2. I know you just cleaned these, but f&*k you and your windows.

3. I will take your head off, minion.

4. What do you mean sleep OR eat? Both, bi*ch.

5. This sword is almost as dumb as your face.

6. Dad, you’re an asshole.

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