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Actually, Crushable Was Right To Bring Up The Age Of Paul Walker’s Girlfriend – Because This Was Rape

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Paul-Walker-attending-the-Russian-premiere-of-Fast-Five-in-Moscow-April-2011Holy hell people. This is not technically an article per se because I can’t add anything to what my co-writer Alexis Rhiannon has said, but if you feel like giving yourself a nice splitting rage headache head on over here. Alexis writes:


But in reading one of the articles about Paul’s girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, I thought I came across a typo — it said she was twenty-three, which I could understand, given that we live in a world where thirty-eight year old Bradley Cooper is dating twenty-one year old Suki Waterhouse, but it also said that they’d been dating for seven years.

Ha. No way, dude. No way that’s accurate. I kind of grimaced to myself, imagining the embarrassment of the editor who had let an error like that slip through the cracks. But then I looked at several other posts, and they all said the same thing: at the time of his death, Paul, 40, was dating Jasmine, 23, and they’d been together for seven years. Which means at the time of their meeting, she was sixteen and he was…thirty-three.

It’s horrible and tragic that Paul Walker died. My heart goes out to his friends, family and fans. It’s a terrible sad thing. But in no way does this excuse the fact that he was dating a girl who was 16 when he was 33. Dress it up how you want, excuse it how you want, whatever – this is wrong. On so many levels. But Alexis is being met with comments like:

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It should be noted that Sam Escobar at our other sister site The Gloss wrote a piece as well and she has comments like this on it:

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I can’t even. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked a revelation like this is bringing all the creeps out of the woodwork but there is no way in hell I can ever see how dating a 16-year-old when you are a 33-year-old man is OK. Even if you did sadly die in a tragic accident. These things can be exclusive, you can be sad the man died, but you can also acknowledge dating a girl that young is disgusting, exploitive and criminal. Let’s not ignore the simple fact of this. A man of this age dating a girl of this age is rape.

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