After Car Accident, Teen Texts Mom to Get Suitcase of Drugs Out of Trunk

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Boy, this is one parenting situation Dr. Spock doesn’t cover. A Florida mother whose teen son had just been injured in a car accident got a sudden text from him asking her to please come get the suitcase out of the back of his car, because it was full of drugs and he didn’t want the cops to find it.

As the parent of a toddler, I’m suddenly feeling a little bad about complaining about missed naps or fussy eating. Also I’m even more terrified of parenting teenagers. How does a reasonable person react when her kid asks her to hide drugs from the cops? Is there a “What to Expect: The 19th Year” that covers this sort of scenario?

According to Local 10, 19-year-old Nicholas Hipp was in the back of an ambulance after having just been in a car accident, and he quickly texted his mom to come grab a suitcase full of drugs out of the trunk of his car. I guess it’s a nice thing that he trusts his mom and she’s the first person he calls in a situation like this, not one of his friends or something like that. But still, that’s not a text any mother wants to see.

What do you do when you get a text like that? Do you do what he asks? Do you tell the police? You probably can’t get away with texting back, “New phone, who’s this?” but it’d be tempting.

Hill’s mother did not actually have to make that decision for herself, though, because Hill was caught before she could have done anything at all. The paramedic taking care of Hipp says he watched him write the text to his mother, because Hipp wasn’t alone when he decided to share that information. Police searched his car and found 150 Xanax pills and a gram of marijuana along with a glass pipe and a scale in Hipp’s suitcase.

Hipp says he buys drugs on the street because he “doesn’t agree with the pharmaceutical industry.”

He was arrested on multiple drug charges, but he’s currently out on a $5,000 bond.

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