When Are A Breastfeeding Mother’s Boobs Back On The Table?

shutterstock_119741476__1381690599_142.196.156.251Precisely when does a breastfeeding mother become comfortable with her partner touching her boobs again? Asking for a friend.

Okay, I’m not asking for a friend. But I seriously can’t remember how long it took me to actually enjoy my boobs being touched after I had my first baby. Four months into breastfeeding my second – I don’t let my partner anywhere near them.

I’ve moved past the point in breastfeeding where they are sore all the time – but this child is constantly on the boob. Having a little being attached to my breast for 70% of the day makes the 30% a no touching zone. Not to mention the fact that the milk itself has a serious trajectory. I don’t find it particularly sexy to shoot my partner in the face with breast milk. I’m not knocking anyone who does, but for me it’s just not a turn-on.

Maybe it’s because I am in the midst of exclusively breastfeeding. Once I’m not doing it so much, maybe everything will fall back into place. I just wonder if a lot of other mothers have the same struggle. Right now I just feel like a milk factory. These boobs are not the pleasure zones they once were. I’m beginning to doubt if they ever will be again.

Honestly, I don’t recall ever really loving them being touched again after I breastfed the first time. There was a point when I could tolerate it again, which then moved to slightly enjoying it – but I don’t remember loving it. And then I got pregnant again. Will I consider these things a food-source forevermore? If so, bummer.

Did anyone else have a hard time with this? If you never regained your desire to have them touched again, don’t even tell me.

(photo: Shay Yacobinski/ Shutterstock)


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