5 Cheap Alternatives To Expensive Toys Your Kids Keep Begging For

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4. Monster Repellent Spray $9.99 vs. Plastic Spray Bottle $3.99

The idea of a special spray to make scared kids feel braver is a great one, just not one I’m willing to shell out the big bucks for. Water in a plain bottle works just as well if you jazz it up with some stickers and a Sharpie. Take the extra six bucks to the nearest Starbucks for a PSL.

5. Sand Table $49.97 vs. Storage Tote With Lid $14.70

Does it hold sand? Check. Is there a lid to keep the cat out? Check. But the storage tote will save you about $35.00 plus you don’t have to worry about your kid climbing up into it and falling out, which means you have more attention to devote to looking at Facebook on your phone. Win/win.

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