Insider Advice For Planning A 2019 Disney Vacation

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Make a game plan!

The thing about visiting one of the Disney resorts is that there is SO MUCH to do. So plan your attack ahead of time to make it easier. Disneyland Resort regular Kristin C. suggests securing your FastPass experiences for popular rides, and hitting those during the Extra Magic Hour at Disneyland (if you’re staying at a Disney hotel), the Magic Morning early-access for 3+ day tickets,  or right when the park opens. Then, use your app to snatch up more FastPass experiences as you go. It can be really helpful to have a plan in place when you’re visiting with smaller kids and want to eliminate as much waiting in line as possible. Plus, if you get the big stuff out of the way early on, you can relax a bit for the rest of the day.

When it comes to planning your visit to Walt Disney World, a little more planning is needed. There are four different parks, after all! Both Jessica B. and Ashley P. recommend at least one day per park. If you get the 5-day ticket, you get an extra day to return to your favorite park!. Getting an early start is key here as well: some of the really popular rides can have wait times as long as 2-3 hours during peak traffic times, so it’s important to plan ahead and use those MaxPass experience reservations wisely.

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