Insider Advice For Planning A 2019 Disney Vacation

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Disney at any time of the year is great, but there are definitely better times to visit.

First, the bad news: there really is no perfect time to visit either park to avoid crowds. It’s Disney, there are crowds year-round. But, there are definitely times to avoid, if possible. Research school breaks in the area for both parks, and try to avoid spring breaks or long holiday weekends. Summer is incredibly busy at both parks, but if that’s your only time to go and you’re out of school early enough or go back late enough, aim for mid-May and late August. We know that everyone loves to visit during the holiday season to see the amazing decorations, but beware: that’s the busiest time of the year, hands down.

However, according to Kristin C., one of the Disney Parks Moms panelists, you don’t have to miss out on the holiday magic. If you plan your visit for early January, you can avoid the big holiday crowds and still take in the lights and holiday beauty before the decorations come down the first week of January!

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