Insider Advice For Planning A 2019 Disney Vacation

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You can even save money on Disney vacation souvenirs, which are usually a budget buster.

So, you’re just going to have to face facts: your kids are going to want a souvenir (or two or three). You know what? You’re going to want one, too! And the merchandise at the parks isn’t cheap. But, if you plan ahead, you can save some money here. Check out your local Disney stores for discounts on items that you can bring with you and give your kiddos once you’re at your hotel.

Tell your kids they each get to pick one souvenir from your trip, and encourage them to pick something useful (like a sweatshirt or backpack). And consider stocking up on gift cards in the months leading up to your trip. Pro-tip: if you shop at Target and have a Red Card, you save 5% on Disney gift card purchases! Then, when you’re at Disney, give each of your kids a certain amount in gift cards to spend as they wish.

You can also score some pretty sweet souvenirs for free! If it’s your first visit or a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, head to customer service and ask for your complimentary button. Prior to your trip, start buying Disney trading pins online or from the Disney store. Then your kids can spend some time trading within the parks, and score some cool new pins.

A Disney vacation is the ultimate trip for a lot of families. We hope the tips and tricks from the Disney Parks Moms Panel help you plan the trip of your dreams! One thing’s for sure: we have a serious case of FOMO right now. Disney, take us away!

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