Adriana Lima Pregnant As Victoria’s Secret Models Continue To Leverage That Mommy Brand

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adriana limaEver since Miranda Kerr delivered her baby boy Flynn about a year ago, the holy trinity of Victoria’s Secret Models have been been all about the babies. Alessandra Ambrosio delivered her little girl Anja four years ago and is expecting her second baby as she proudly parades up and down the catwalk. And now,  Adriana Lima, not to be surpassed, is now reportedly pregnant with her second baby as well. So it looks like all three super models are making motherhood work for them in terms of maintaining their brand as super sexy, very highly-paid, working models, proving once again that being a mother is pretty great for your career — if you’re famous.

A model would have never been so bold as to bring her baby bump to the catwalk prior to Alessandra using that stage in Brazil to promote not just fashion, but herself in with that fashionable “mommy brand.” Miranda Kerr has been doing well for herself too, using plenty of media outlets to talk about her post-baby curves, promote her post-baby body, and claim the status of Wonder Woman in response to working motherhood.

Adriana Lima is hardly hurting either, appearing as the face of Donna Karen since birthing her little toddler Valentina and being named one of the top-earning models in 2011 by Forbes. Establishing public identities for themselves beyond the nameless, faceless skin market of the fashion industry, these three ladies have fashioned their personal brands with motherhood. Toting their babies to and from magazine shoots and gabbing to journalists about what breastfeeding did to their boobs, these models are blatantly using parenthood to make themselves all the more recognizable — and it’s working.

(photo: WENN)