Adriana Lima Welcomes Undoubtedly Beautiful Daughter, Sienna, Into The World

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Adriana LimaSomething’s in the air, because celebrities are popping out offspring everywhere. And while it’s hard to measure beauty at infancy, I have a feeling that Adriana Lima‘s new little girl Sienna would take the cake. After all, the child was already featured in the legendary Pirelli calendar while still in utero. She is the only child to accomplish that feat.

Sienna is the second child of Lima and former NBA player Marko Jaric. The two had daughter Valentina in 2009.

The new mom is one of a growing list of supermodels who are working parenthood into their image. At one point, it seemed like there were more Victoria’s Secret Angels with children than without. We had Gisele Bundchen, who couldn’t have been less conspicuous about the birth of her first son. Alessandra Ambrosio who continued catwalking throughout her pregnancy. And no one forget Miranda Kerr, the super hot mom who gives plenty of candid interviews about childbirth, breastfeeding and everything in between.

When it comes to supermodel moms, the first thing we think about is normally how quickly their bodies seem to bounce back into shape. Really, it’s an amazing feat. It’s easy to forget that these moms are shining examples that women don’t become less sexy because they’ve given birth. Moms are not sexless creatures, suddenly past their prime. I guarantee you, Adriana Lima will still be an amazingly attractive woman, no matter how many children she has.

And I have to say, not only was little Sienna already photographed for a prestigious calendar that most models can only dream of being in, she also was born in the middle of New York Fashion Week. Call it fate, but I feel like this little lady might just be prepared to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Am I the only one who thinks we’ll be seeing this little girl in angel wings a couple decades from now?

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