Let’s Watch These Twins Freak Out Over Rubber Bands

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Adorable Twins Play With Rubber BandsYesterday was just the worst! James Gandolfini died. Serena Williams victim blamed and then said sorry-not-sorry. Paula Deen is a racist. Some idiot raised a whole lot of Kickstarter money to publish a “How-To-Rape-Ladies” DIY guide. It was the worst I say! It was enough to make me wanna crawl into bed and not come out for days, but I had to, because I have a job, and because I live with humans who need my attention.

But at even the very worst of times, we can count on the Internet to give us joy like these twin boys who don’t need your stinkin’ toys and your overpriced educational playthings and your stupid toddler playgroups, because they have rubber bands!
[youtube_iframe id=”x503B8s8QBg”]

I’m just going to watch this video over and over again all day while the rest of the world is awful. I love this because as a parent I have used the rubber band trick to childproof things before, and you could tell that’s what these parents were probably doing until these twins were all “No, this is the best toy ever and it will amuse us for hours so don’t even try keeping us out of the pots and pans.”

Babies are the best. They find everything hilarious.

(Photo: You Tube)