10 Amazingly Adorable Things To Shove On Your Baby’s Head

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0ea9d93bc31422f9844e9fd3c1b59bb2One of the best things about having kids is getting to buy them ridiculous things to out on their heads. It’s just so amazingly cute. You can’t get away with wearing these things when you are older, so I am all about putting absurd things on the heads of infants and little kids whenever possible.There is nothing cuter than kids in ridiculous headgear. I have not proven this in any scientific way, so you guys will just have to take my word for it or else let these images prove my point.

A Bunny Hat You Can Sew 

MerMagBabysFirstEaster000000(Image: Mermag)

Merilee actually made this ridiculously adorable hat for her ridiculously gorgeous baby. Beyond cute. Plus, her blog has such gorgeous photography and craft ideas. Merilee just needs to let me move in with her so she can teach me her ways.

 A Bunny Hat You Can Buy 



This one is sold out but how cute is it? I would totally buy this as a shower gift.

Octopus Baby 

71a317fd3415bd40bae903f1d63d37dd(Image: Justforbabywithlove)

You can buy this adorable hat from Just For Baby With Love.

 Cat Ears Headband 

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 8.01.22 AM


I got my own daughter this and she wears it constantly. I almost wanna steal it from her. She has this one also, which is super cute as well.

So Many Monster Hats 



Ira Rott has the most ridiculously gorgeous monster and animal hats you have ever seen, and they also sell the patterns so you crafty types can DIY your own. The best part? The hats come in newborn sizes al the way to adult.

 Fabric Crowns 



There is something so Where The Wild Things Are about fabric crowns, and these can be purchased from Thumbeline.

Fabric Crowns You Can Make 

IMG_0493-660x440(Image: Geek Mom)

Geek Mom has a super helpful tutorial for how to make your very own fabric crown, and the best part is, if you DIY it you can make one in your size so you can tell everyone in your castle that you are the queen.

Mousey Hat  



From etsy seller Catily Crochet.

Owl Felted Hat  


You can purchase this from Agnes felt.

 A Stripey Baby Hat 

il_570xN.390648829_e6a2You can find this one at Olive and Vince. 

(Photo: Batman hat which you can buy at KnitNutByJl)