Adele Took Her Baby Who Has No Name Shopping In Los Angeles, Breaking News: No Name Has Legs

adele585Adele took her unknown-name baby shopping in Los Angeles on Friday.

The end.


Just kidding. So Adele, who is slated to show up at the Golden Globes tonight took her baby No Name out shopping for baby stuff and we all still don’t know his name yet. And although I think it’s super cool that Adele is being so protective of her son that none of us knows his name yet, I find it kind of weird that she is so protective and secretive about him that she would drag him out in Los Angeles, also known as The Paparazzi Pit From Hell. No one can go anywhere in L.A. without being stalked by photographers and a mom with her baby are of special interest to photographers because those sorts of photographs usually fetch the most money, second only to photos of female celebrities accidently flashing their hoo-haws as they exit motor vehicles. Now come come, Adele, I am sure you had a governess waiting back at your hotel suite who would have been more than happy to care for Baby No Name. Or your baby daddy Simon Konecki could have watched him. I mean sure, shopping with baby is fun! But you are so protective of him that we don’t even know his name so why drag him out just to buy baby shampoo? from TVNZ:

A source told that the 24-year-old British singer spent a lot of time in upscale baby boutique Bel Bambini, which is also a favourite haunt of Hilary Duff.

The eyewitness said: “She was in a great mood and just focused on picking up essentials for her baby boy.

Dressed in a black outfit with a blue coat and a hat, the mother-of-one spent an hour at the store and purchased “a lot of loot” including baby wash, shampoos and a changing mat.

A security man helped her load her purchases into a waiting car before she headed back to her hotel.

Adele was spotted with her baby for the first time in public on Thursday after she touched down in Los Angeles for the awards ceremony.

She clutched the little boy to her chest and kept his head covered with a blanket, though his legs in a striped bodysuit were visible.

I am very pleased to hear the baby has legs. Not that babies born without legs aren’t super adorable as well, but babies with legs are always a good thing.

Even though I adore Adele and think she is lovely I’m not quite sure I get why she took the baby with her, and it sort of feel like paparazzi-bait to me, especially considering how secretive she has been about him. But I guess we can all be happy that baby No Name will have a very nice smelling head. Mmmm… baby head smell.

(photo: Wenn)

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