Cuteness Award: Adele Buys Her Baby Boy A Souvenir ‘Best Son’ Oscar To Match Her Real One

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In case there was any question about the cutest new mom at the Academy Awards, this will settle it. We all should have known that Adele would win the adorable factor though. Winning is what this lady does. So here’s the latest anecdote to make you wish that Adele would be your new mom friend.

After spending weeks in LA to attend the major awards shows, Adele and her partner Simon Konecki finally headed home to London with their five-month old son, reportedly named Angelo. To celebrate there departure, Adele tweeted the following pic with the caption: “..and we’re home! What an epic trip. Thanks for having us Hollywood!”

adele oscar


There it is! Adele got an adorable, slightly nerdy souvenir “Best Son” Oscar for her baby boy to match her own. It’s the type of sweet little gesture my own mom would make if she visited LA. Except ya know, she wouldn’t have the matching real-life Oscar to go with it. (It’s okay Mom. You’re still the best to me!)

Adele and her fiance did an amazing job of keeping their little guy out of the spotlight while they visited the States. There had to have been paparazzi everywhere, hoping to get a glimpse of the elusive baby boy. But the happy couple has proven that they’ll go to great lengths to ensure their child’s privacy.

Well, at least we got to know that Mommy and Baby have matching Oscars. That’s enough cuteness for me today.

(Photo: Twitter)