Adele’s Estranged Father Is Really Pissed About Her Baby’s Name

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shutterstock_123072742When you’ve had a less than perfect relationship with one of your parents, becoming a parent yourself can do one of two things. It can cause you to empathize with how hard it is to be a parent and possibly forgive shortcomings, or it can alienate you from your parents even further, as you wonder how the hell anyone can drop the ball on such an important job. I think the latter is happening with Adele. Her father doesn’t seem to be getting it, though.

Her father, Mark Evans, has admitted to failing her as a young child. He reportedly left her mother to raise her alone when Adele was just three years old. But he insists that their relationship has been repaired and has no idea why she has “cut him out of her life.”  Well, I have an idea, Mark. Maybe it’s because your endless sob stories are unbearable. I could barely get through this Daily Mail interview without gagging on the thick air of guilt. This guy gives my Greek mother a run for her money.

“I’m not interested in her celebrity status or her money, I just want my daughter back and I want to be a proper grandad to the little one.

Not only did I hear I was going to be a grandad for the first time via the media, I found out the same way that she’s calling the baby Angelo James.

I’d hoped so much that she’d put my late dad’s name, John, in there somewhere, but alas it looks as if it is not going to be.

If only she’d called him John. That would have meant so much  to me – and to Dad, God bless him. He’d have been so touched.

She spent every minute with him when she came to stay at weekends and school holidays as a kid. She adored him and he always had so much time and patience for her.”

Good God. I can understand why she’s made a clean break – you’re unbearable. Maybe you didn’t get the memo, but you don’t get to totally screw up as a father and then start demanding things that are reserved for parents who have been there all along. As you can tell, I subscribe to the latter school of parental forgiveness that I described earlier. When I became a mother I became even more confused by my vacant father’s behavior during my childhood. Maybe that’s what’s happening with Adele. If she’s not even calling you on the phone, you certainly don’t have the right to name her child. Jeez.

Take a lesson from the Lohan family – airing your dirty laundry in the media does nothing to bring an estranged child back to you. It just builds resentment even more.

And I think Angelo James is an adorable name.

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