10 Pieces Of Pro-Life Propaganda That Make Me Want An Abortion Right Now

Abortions, abortions, abortions. Abortions are the best, aren’t they? I’m scheduling one in between my mani-pedi and my lunch date today. Where would we be without abortions? Abortions all around, people!

I’ve decided from now I’m I’m just going to write that little blurb up every time I write a pro-choice piece, because these nonsense words that have never been uttered are pretty much all anti-choicers hear anyway. I don’t get into arguments with people who are anti-choice, so if this post sickens you, you may as well just save it. If you believe women don’t take these decisions seriously and/or have no right to decide what goes on inside their own bodies, you haven’t fully evolved and any interaction is pointless, anyway.

Also, anyone who would fall for any of the following pieces of ridiculous propaganda is beyond help.

1. Hmm…

Pinterest/ Jez Lasala

Truly profound. I love quotes that would make just as much sense on a photo of a dead politician as they would on a photo of Jeff Spicoli emerging from a cloud of pot smoke.

2. Anecdotal evidence is fun!

Pinterest/ Ethelyn

Well, there’s this. And this. And this. But who cares about facts when we have the anecdote of ONE doctor?

3. This is actually a great idea. You should all do it.

Pinterest/ Savethestorks.com

I’m totally behind this. Take a hundred-year vow of silence. For the cause.

4. Look up the word “industry” please. Also, “misogyny.”

Pinterest/ standtrue.com

None of this makes any sense. At all.

5. I’m confused.

Pinterest/ liveaction.org

Oh, they’re diapers! I thought they were maxi pads and I was seriously confused by the pin.

6. Leonard Nimoy is pro-choice, assholes. So is William Shatner.

Pinterest/ Greg Aitchson

Okay, now you’ve really gone below the belt. How dare you hijak Star Trek?

7.  Wrong. Abortion definitely ends a pregnancy. 

Pinterest/ youngcons.com

Why are we bringing George Washington into this?

8. Stupid women! Making all the choices about their bodies and stuff.

Pinterest/ Ethelyn

Wow. Just, wow.

9. I’ve never been to the Planned Parenthood on the mountain with the cool altar.

Pinterest/ Ethelyn

No fair.

10. Decisions, decisions.

Pinterest/ Ethelyn

Baby or devil? Baby or devil? Baby or devil? Arghhhh! I can’t decide!

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