Abortion: Not Just For Teen Girls

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A video was released today over the interwebs by Guttmacher with informative numbers on abortion. Among them was the statistic that six in ten women who have abortions have already had a child. According to Guttmacher, many of these women have two or more children already and cite proper parenting of their little ones as their reasoning for terminating the pregnancy. Guttmacher’s informative video is extremely relevant in expanding the abortion narrative to include women who know what it means to mother, and not just teen girls.

The stigma for having an abortion exists regardless of a woman’s age bracket, but often what goes unsaid during abortion debates is the mention of mothers who have had the procedure. It would often seem that an underage girl who acts on her constitutionally protected right is an image more comfortable to most people than a married mother of two. Mothers are often culturally seen as incapable of having an unwanted pregnancy, especially married women. Even among households where money is tight and job losses have devastated incomes, a surprise pregnancy to a woman in her 30s or 40s is often assumed to be carried to term.

Let this effort by Guttmacher be a reminder that abortion is not just an option used by young single girls.

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