16 Reasons People Are Talking About Netflix’s True Crime Doc ‘Abducted In Plain Sight’

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Where are the key players from Abducted in Plain Sight now?

So, we know that Robert Berchtold killed himself, may he burn in hell for all eternity. The filmmakers never really mention what happened to Gail and their kids, and there’s virtually no information about them online. We imagine they went far underground for a while to get away from him and the public scrutiny. Bob Broberg died last November, a couple of months before Abducted in Plain Sight was released on Netflix. We suppose it’s good that he isn’t around to hear the criticisms about his parenting and the role he played in what happened. But at the same time, maybe he should have been forced to hear it, because wow did he do literally everything wrong.

Mary Ann still accompanies Jan on speaking engagements for the book they wrote together. And Jan is doing remarkably well. Like, we’re surprised she’s doing so well. She’s a working actress with roles on stage and screen. And she works as an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. We have to say, she seems pretty chummy with her parents after all that’s happened and we … don’t get it. But we sincerely hope they entire family did, at some point, undergo some very intensive therapy together. Somehow Jan was able to heal and build a wonderful like for herself, and that’s commendable after all she’s been through.

So, did you watch Abducted in Plain Sight? What was the most WTF part for you? We know, there are so many, it’s nearly impossible to choose.

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