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This Fit Mom Shouldn’t Have To Apologize For Her Body

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 Abby Pell, fitness competitor and mother to a six-year- old daughter, has enraged legions of women who wear yoga pants for comfort and not function upon posting an Instagram photo that encourage mothers to hit the gym. My own stomach might not be ready to scrub a sweater, but I’m sick of fit people getting judged for being proud of their bodies.

Pell owns her own nutrition business, and worked hard to get back into shape after gaining weight during her pregnancy. She posted a photo of her daughter pointing to mom’s washboard abs with the caption: “I’ve got a kid, a six-pack and no excuse.”  Here it is in all it’s fit-spiration glory:

abby pell absPell spoke to the Mirror about the backlash the picture received. She said she posted the image after her daughter called her Wonder Woman. I love that she is sending the message to her daughter that strength is important, not a number on a scale. And it’s awesome that her daughter sees her as a superhero and not a princess.

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