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A Mother’s Worth: Apparently It’s $63,360 A Year

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Motherhood. It’s the unpaid internship that never ends. For years, women have lamented the lack of respect for housework and child-rearing. Homemakers, especially, feel that their job is underrated simply because it isn’t paid.

Well, a phone company in the UK set out to find out exactly what all those motherhood duties were really worth. They figured out that most moms spend an impressive 71 hours a week taking care of their homes and families. The study didn’t seem to separate working moms from stay-at-homers. According to this study, it would take 37,000 pounds to pay for a domestic staff to do that kind of work. It equals out to about $63,360.

While that money would be a decent salary, I still don’t think that it really measures a mother’s worth. While doing laundry, running the vacuum  and fixes meals may be time consuming, it’s really not the most important part of a mother’s job. Hopefully, I mean a lot more to my family than just the chores I do.

So while it would be wonderfully fun to earn some cash everytime I pick up the toys, I get a lot more compensation than money could give me. And to me, motherhood means reading stories, building blocks and playing pretend. Those things can’t be quantified, and they are the most important part of my job.