A Mother’s Prayers Are Answered When Stillborn Baby Is Found Alive — In The Morgue

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[UPDATE: The hospital has since suspended hospital workers following an investigation]

A mother’s loss of a child sadly takes many forms. But the true anguish of a stillborn baby carries specific weight for women who find themselves leaving the hospital empty handed after months of  joyful anticipation. A mother of four in Argentina believed that she was such a woman when after giving birth to her fifth child, the baby was pronounced dead. Yet, at a later visit to the morgue, her baby suddenly awakened.

BBC reports that the infant girl was determined dead following delivery and was consequently taken to the morgue. Upon opening the little coffin 12 hours later, the mother reportedly heard whimpering and believed that she was hallucinating when she saw her baby miraculously stir. Doctors jumped to attend to the little girl and many are still stumped as to how the baby could have survived in a refrigerated space.

Apparently the baby is in “good condition” considering her stint in the freezing morgue, which makes her one of two miracle babies in the last week. Keep them coming.

(photo: gosphotodesign/Shutterstock)