A Fake Mustache and a Great Sense of Humor Made ‘Donuts With Dads’ Day Awesome for this Single Mom and her Son

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(Via Facebook/Yevette Vasquez)

Being a single parent carries challenges that co-parenting parents may never have to face, but this one awesome mom took what could have been a touchy situation and made it fantastic when she heard that it was “Donuts with Dads” day at her son’s school, and her first thought was, “I don’t want my son to miss out. Where’s my fake mustache!”

According to Today Parenting, Yevette Vasquez hadn’t heard that it was Donuts with Dads day at her son’s school until she pulled up to let her son, Elijah, out at the school drop-off and noticed there was a lot more traffic than usual. When she asked what all the cars were doing there, Elijah told her that it was Donuts with Dad day, and all the other kids were coming to school with their fathers that morning.

Vasquez is a single mother and Elijah hadn’t told her about the event, but when she saw what was going on, she decided he wasn’t going to have to sit on the sides by himself on doughnut day, so she turned the car around and went back to the house to outfit herself in some last-minute drag, chiefly one giant, bristly fake mustache.

“I know seeing other kids with [their] dads isn’t easy for mine, but it’s life, at least i can do whatever it takes to put a smile on his face,” she wrote, alongside a photo of herself wearing a giant mustache and her hair tucked up in a baseball cap. #WeGettingThemDonuts she tagged it.

The other kids and parents eating doughnuts at the school library seemed pretty happy to see Elijah and his mom, and Elijah was grinning ear-to-ear in all the photos.

Donuts with Dads day could have been a weird, awkward memory, but now Elijah will always remember it as that sweet, crazy time his mom showed up at school in a fake mustache so he wouldn’t have to feel left out, and that’s awesome.