A Commercial-Free Childhood Brought To You By Netflix

All parents that I know have poor opinions on commercials when it comes to their kids. When it comes to dealing with the endless onslaught of ads for the latest toys, there are extremes: Some parents I know feel resigned the structure completely while others don’t have a TV at all. Whether you hunt for channels with commercials you’re comfortable with or have an ever-expanding movie collection, the search for commercial-free entertainment goes on. Very savvy parents, however, just link their internet to their TV and allow Netflix into their homes.

Netflix has been around for over five years now, and the company has been streaming content for about three years. Although I’ve always enjoyed commercial-free content myself, I’ve recently been acquainted with children who have been raised solely on this medium.

Two little girls that I know, ages seven and five respectively, have only had Netflix on their TV and don’t really comprehend anything different. Although the older one has heard of commercials, she only came to know them from visiting the houses of her friends. When explaining the concept to the younger one, she doesn’t understand why her favorites shows would be interrupted by visuals unrelated to the plot. Pretty novel, right?

These children are not the product of a super strict home either. Both girls love television and honestly cannot carry a conversation when watching their favorite shows because of how transfixed they become. But television has come to mean something entirely different to them through the options Netflix provides. All the more incentive to cancel the cable package that no one watches anyway and take your friend up on that “one month free” Netflix option.

(photo: digitaltrends.com)


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