25 Products We All Owned As A Kid That Defined The ’90s

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Lisa Frank everything. Some 90s products live forever, and Lisa Frank is one of them.

lisa frank

Image: Instagram / @lisa_frank

If your school supplies weren’t by Lisa Frank, you were definitely missing out. This is one of those 90s products that we showed our kids, and they were actually super stoked about. You know why? Because they still make Lisa Frank shit. And we’re talking original Lisa Frank, no reboots or updates. The same kitchy, sort of insane prints and graphics and pictures of unicorns and kittens. Lisa Frank, God bless her wherever she is, was destined to make tweens happy. Lisa Frank backpacks. Pencils. Notebooks. TRAPPER KEEPERS! Our entire childhood looked like it went through the blender with a pack of fluorescent markers, and it was all thanks to Lisa Frank

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