25 Products We All Owned As A Kid That Defined The ’90s

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Game Boy was the first fully-mobile gaming system. Now we all have something called a CELL PHONE.

90s products

Image: Instagram / @nutttyfruitcake

A video game system that you could take with you. It was the future, and we were living in it. If your parents let you take it on a school field trip, you were a god amongst mortals. We begged our parents. Pleaded. On our knees, hand clasped at our heart, making promises we never had any intention of keeping. At $90, the Game Boy was expensive by 90s toy standards. But oh how we wanted one. It was like we were preparing for a lifetime of staring at a small screen that controlled our life. If we showed this to our kids now, they would not even be able to comprehend what they were looking at. We’ve come so very far.

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