25 Products We All Owned As A Kid That Defined The ’90s

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Furby: for when you wanted a toy you were also sort of afraid of.

90s products

Image: Instagram / @delias

It sounds impossible, but Furbies were even creepier in the 90s than they are today. Whyyyyyyyy were these a thing in the 90s? AND WHY ARE THEY A THING AGAIN NOW? Furbies were the worst. Sounded good in theory, but good god was these things creepy. Just randomly spouting gibberish, blinking their creepy robot eyes, making demands. But were they one of the hot 90s products? They sure the hell were. Furbies created one of the first massive toy riots during the holidays in the 90s. EVERYBODY wanted one, and people lost their damn minds to get their hands on one.

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