18 Characters From The ’90s We’d Like To See As Parents

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Eddie Winslow

Image: Instagram/ @wordup90s

While we were able to see Laura and Steve get engaged, things were way more up in the air for older brother Eddie. For so long during this TGIF staple, this man was the ultimate cute but trouble making oldest child of the Winslows. He butt heads with his strict-ish dad. Edward gambled a lot. He went through a string of girlfriends, including one who turned to nude modeling. Then, in the 9th season, Eddie decided to give up college and become a cop like his father. His days of working as a Chicago officer were barely touched on. We’d love to see Eddie raising a family, working as a cop, and still somehow pulling off the wild child persona. It was written in the 10th season that he was supposed to end up with Greta. We, however, are still pulling for Myrtle.

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