18 Characters From The ’90s We’d Like To See As Parents

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Sabrina Spellman

Image: Instagram/ @nocontextsttw

In Sabrina’s last season she was no longer a teenage witch. She was in her twenties, living with her two roommates in her aunts’ abandoned Victorian, and engaged to a man named Aaron. Yet, we all knew there was really only one man for this spell caster. It took Sabrina all season long to realize that marrying Aaron would be a mistake since Harvey was the one who still had her heart. In the last episode, Sabrina is seen getting on the back of Harvey’s bike and riding off. While we hope they had a ton of magical adventures together before starting their family, it’d be fun to see these two beloved characters now raising their own kiddos. There’d have to be a twist, too, like a set of twins where one is magical and one is not. It could be similar to Lily and Petunia Evans but, you know, happy.

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