18 Characters From The ’90s We’d Like To See As Parents

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Dil Pickles

Image: Instagram/ @officialrugrats

Just when we’d gotten used to the group; Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil, often goaded on by Angelica, Dil Pickles entered the picture. He was a newborn, smaller and less vocal than the other kids. Tommy called Dil his ‘sponsibility.’ In All Growed Up, we see that Dil has developed into quite the eccentric little man, reminding us that Stu came to his career as a toy inventor by being unique himself. We think it’d be fun to see Tommy and Dil truly all grown up, raising two very different styles of family. Since Dil was so obsessed with aliens, maybe he grew up to be a astronaut. He’d be a total FaceTime dad. One thing we know for sure though, neither of these boys would raise entitled kids.

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