9 Images Made Funnier If You Imagine Her Eating Placenta

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placenta eatingToday is unofficial Maria Guido Is Eating Her Placenta Day on Mommyish! We’re throwing nothing short of parade in honor of Maria’s placenta that will be encapsulated — free of charge! Talk about a bargain!

But seriously though, when I was editing Maria’s piece, my associate editor Eve Vawter and I kept going back and forth about the art choice. Believe me, I spared all of you some intense imagery, as I wasn’t about to pull an STFU Parents and just have a huge bleeding placenta at the top of the page. (We’ve done that already). Picking graphics for placenta posts, as we’ve learned in the past, is tricky tricky business.

As is the custom, Eve and I went through various images of cats before delving into the “hungry women” archives of stock photos. Obviously, a simple plate, knife, and fork won out. But behold the contenders we tossed around the digital editorial table — along with exclusive editorial commentary! Placenta monsters, placenta stews, and sexy placentas abound!

Tell us which one we should have picked to accompany Maria’s eating placenta piece, because your Mommyish reader input matters. I know we went ultra tame but, hey, this isn’t your SIL’s Facebook feed or anything.

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