85-Year-Old Hits Up Her Tattoo Artist Granddaughter For Her First Tattoo

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rosetattooJust a heartwarming family story, gang! When 85-year-old Eve Codling from Burnley, Lancashire, a great-grandmother, decided to get her first tattoo, she knew exactly who to hit up –her 26-year-old granddaughter, Beki Sanderson, who is both a tattoo artist and a tattoo shop owner. Keeping it in the family!

Daily Mail reports that Eve wanted the tattoo, a simple rose, to commemorate her own mother, named “Rose.” She had reportedly wanted the ink for awhile, but because she’s 85, family members didn’t take this tattoo request seriously. After a final request, Beki squeezed her gran in between clients and gave her grandmother her very first tattoo on her arm. But the tattoo aficionado was considerably more freaked than the elderly tattoo virgin:

‘I was absolutely petrified about tattooing my gran. I was worried it was going to hurt her but she just didn’t seem phased at all. She didn’t squirm, she just sat there and said “ooh” a few times. I was definitely more nervous than she was.

‘The tattoo took about twenty minutes altogether. After I’d finished gran seemed really impressed with the final result and now she’s always showing it off to her friends.’

Way to one up the other senior citizens at the grandchildren brag circle, grandma. Who can top, “oh yeah? Well my grandkid drew THIS!”

(photo:  Southside Tattoo & Piercing)