8 Ways Toddlers Are Like Jedis

Just because your little Padawan hasn’t trained at the academy yet doesn’t mean you can’t already tell that the force is strong with this one. In honor of Star Wars day(May the 4th be with you), here’s eight ways little kids are already Jedi masters.

1. They have precognition.

yoda look


You can be on different floors with three closed doors between you, but when you open a bag of chips your child appears seconds later. Coincidence? I think not.

2. They have super agility.



Jedis can manipulate the speed at which they fall, which explains why your kid walked away unharmed from that swan dive off the monkey bars that made your heart leap into your throat.

3. They heal faster than average. jedi walker


Three minutes ago they were wailing over an admittedly bad bump on the head, now they’re back to running in circles.

4. They have the power of mind control.



You know that they really shouldn’t watch anymore television or have another cookie, but one deep gaze into their eyes has you agreeing with them before you realize what just happened.

5. Their bodies can neutralize poisons.  toast


Some Jedis have this skill and perhaps our kids could too, but we’ll never know because we can’t stop taking things out of their mouths.

6. They have increased empathy.



Tell your friend you’ve had a bad day and they might offer you a piece of chocolate or a shoulder to lean on. But toddlers will give you every single stuffed animal in their toy box to get you to smile.

7. They meditate.



You may think your kid is merely zoned out while watching cartoons, but they know otherwise.

8. They fight to resist the Dark Side.



If you’ve ever witnessed a tantrum in action, you’ve seen how quickly Anakin can become Darth Vader.

(Photo: Matt King/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

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