9 Thoughts You’ll Have When Your Kid Stops Napping

Whether your child has dropped one nap out of her daily routine, or completely quit napping cold turkey, it’s a big adjustment for you as well as for her. If you’re among the ranks of the newly nap-less, we salute you. It’s all going to be okay … you know, eventually.

1. Maybe this is just a phase.

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This is easy to believe for the first day or two. Oh, the little guy just didn’t get tuckered out enough this morning! Oh, he’ll fall asleep any minute now! Oh, that definitely isn’t the sound of him trying to chew his way out of his crib that I hear!

2. It’s okay, we don’t need clean laundry.

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Or clean dishes. Or clean food. Getting stuff done is so passe. Besides, the nineties are back in style this year so grunge should be cool any day now. You saved your Eddie Vedder flannels from college, right?

3. When am I going to watch my stories?

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Toddlers aren’t supposed to have much screen time, and they’re definitely not supposed to be watching Gordon Ramsay scream F-bombs at hapless chefs.

4. Hang on, when am I supposed to nap?

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“Sleep when the baby sleeps” only really starts working around 8 or 10 months or so, when you’re not shoving milk and/or food in the baby’s face every 37 seconds. Then, once you’re used to the ability to catch up on sleep once in a while, it’s rudely snatched away from you.

5. How much will it cost to get takeout every day?

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Prepping a meal while the kiddo sleeps is nice, but hey, Chinese food is nice too.

6. Maybe she’ll start sleeping longer in the mornings now and I’ll get a break then.

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Hopefully! Unless she starts waking up even earlier, just to really mess with your head.

7. She’ll probably have a lot of fun in the Pack and Play.

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We all survived spending a certain percentage of our childhoods in a playpen while our parents folded clothes and loaded dishwashers. And now that we’ve dropped the word “pen” from the name but kept the word “play”, our kids will probably have even MORE fun than we ever did.

8. If I never have time to shower anymore, maybe we’ll get less unwanted attention when we leave the house.

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Everyone wants to stop and coo at the cute toddler. Not everyone is quite as interested in the cute toddler whose mom has visible stink lines radiating off of her like a cartoon character.

9. Wait. I actually have time to leave the house and accomplish something before the kid needs to sleep again?


O frabjous day! A trip to the grocery store no longer has to be a frantic breakneck-pace round trip–now you have four or so hours to get where you need to go and back again before sleepy-toddler crankiness takes hold. Enjoy your newfound freedom to get done all the things that it’s possible to get done with a two-year-old in tow!

(Feature image: Oleg Kozlov / Getty)

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