8 Things That Make All Parents Question Their Life Choices

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Everyone has pet-peeves, and it’s not different for parents. They just change a little.

Introducing little unrefined beings into your household can do wonders for your relationship. You find the little things that used to annoy you about your partner don’t hold a candle to all of the annoying crap you have to deal with now. The following things may, in the grand scheme of things, be no big deal. But when they become daily occurrences, it’s sort of like some odd, parental-torture-nightmare. They may make you question all of your life choices.

1. The entire toilet paper roll in a mass on the floor… again.


2. Seeing the dinner you just made your toddler on the floor under his highchair… again.



3. Stepping on that motherf**king stray Lego… again.



4. Watching juice sprout out of the maddeningly ill-designed juice box… again.



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