8 Annoying Tricks Your Kids Will Learn From The Dog

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The co-existence of dogs and kids in a family can work out a number of ways. There’s the ‘uneasy truce’ set-up, the ‘BFFs’, and of course the ‘tag-team bent on destroying Mom’s sanity’. However your kids get along with the family pet, though, one thing is certain: they’re going to learn some interesting habits from old Spot, whether you like it or not.

1. Begging for food

dog begging for food(via)

The types of food they’ll beg for will be different–I’ve never had a dog that was particularly covetous of my breakfast banana, but toddlers are similarly disinterested in a steak dinner–but the devotion to impeding your enjoyment of your meal until you share is something your children will pick up quickly by watching Scruffy.

2. Shaking off after a bath

dog shaking off after bath(via)

At least when the kids sprint naked across the floor after a bath, they won’t be leaving muddy paw-prints.

3. Eating things off the floor

dog food floor(via)

Is that a relic of last night’s dinner, or an old toenail clipping? It doesn’t matter, to either Fluffy or Junior, who will soon share the same talent for finding obscure and, more likely than not, disgusting artifacts on the kitchen floor.

4. An interest in poop

bad dug up(via)

Ughhhh. Why are toddlers are so emotionally invested in making a grab for the contents of their dirty diapers during a change? Surely the poop-sniffing, poop-eating family dog is somehow to blame.

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