7 Wildly Unnecessary Easter Treats to Frighten Your Family

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Prior to the reign of Pinterest, holidays were boring occasions filled with normal looking food and generic decor. Now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can DIY the hell out of every facet of your celebration and amaze your friends and family with your insane food and craft wizardry. Like anything, though, you can take it a step too far. Here are seven Easter treats that saw the line ofacceptability and hopped right on past it:

1. Cadbury Creme Egg Salad Sandwiches


This is basically just pound cake sandwiches stuffed with Cadbury creme egg-laced buttercream and some coconut ‘lettuce’ but they look visually unappealing and putting creme eggs and egg salad in the same thought sequence kind of induces vomit. Also, I’d feel like a serious glutton stuffing a big pound cake sandwich in my face hole.

2. Peepza


This is Peep pizza and no, it’s not a clever play on a dessert pizza. This is actual cheese pizza. With Peeps on it. Pass the barf bags, please.

3. Peepshi


It’s sushi, but with Peeps. Rice Krispies treats are the rice and the seaweed is fruit roll-ups. I give it points for creativity and cuteness, but even adorable candy sushi can’t change the fact that Peeps are disgusting and were invented by forces of evil.

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